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Lace Release Adhesive Remover Spray

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LuxHair's Lace Release Adhesive Remover is a hair solvent that assists in removing hair replacement systems such as hairpieces, lace wigs, or adhesive hair extensions. This cleaner temporarily deactivates the adhesive, caring for the base and hair, which extends the life of lace systems.



  • Lace Release deactivates hair adhesive temporarily with a non-aggressive formula, extending the lifetime of your hair system.
  • This product is not recommended for eliminating adhesive residues that will remain in your hair system and on the scalp after hairpiece removal.
  • For the complete removal of adhesive residues, it is highly recommended to use LuxHair's C22 solvent spray.
  • Specific formulation for cleaning hair prostheses, wigs, and extensions.


Active Ingredients

It contains Panthenol.


Recommendations for use

  • Open the hair in sections and generously apply the product to the areas where the adhesive or tapes are located.
  • After approximately one minute from the moment the liquid comes into contact with the adhesives, the adhesives will be deactivated, allowing the base of your system to peel off.
  • Removal of the Lace system should be done carefully without pulling so that the residue remains on the scalp rather than on the hairpiece, reducing cleaning time considerably.
  • After removal of the hairpiece, remove any remaining glue residue from the hair system and scalp with LuxHair's C22 solvent spray.

Product safety data sheet